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How can you help?

You can help us identify and set up collaborations with good hub and spoke partners. You can help set up DSH hubs at other places. You can help contribute content. You can help with other technical aspects of DSH work (such as setting up a community radio extension of DSH, or developing software, or working on novel electricity-generation solutions). You can experiment with applying the similar DSH approach to other areas of work (such as agriculture, health care, and political activism). You can contribute money. You can help connect us with funders. You can help spread awareness of DSH by word of mouth. If you're a student, you can join us in a sort of "internship"---we can't compete against regular intern jobs in terms of pay, but we will provide a small "stipend" and an unforgettable experience :-)

You can email us at If you prefer snail mail, you may write us at:

The Digital Study Hall
20 Cambridge St
San Carlos, CA 94070