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Episode 0: Princeton to Lucknow
first days of DSH
(April - July, 2005)
putting the pieces together
(12/2/2004 - 4/21/2005)
demo for urvashi's visit
(4/23/2005 - 4/25/2005)
packing and shipping equipment
(4/27/2005 - 5/26/2005)
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1.   Lucknow and surrounding villages
some work pics
(summer 2005)
lessons at the madantoosi village
(summer 2005)
lessons at the prerna school
(summer 2005)
scenes from a village
(july 2005)
testing at the headquarters
(july 2005)
wiring the madantoosi village
(july 2005)
scenes from village schools and their surroundings
(12/2005 - 04/2006)
work at the lucknow hub
(07/2005 - 04/2006)
scenes of classes in villages
(08/2005 - 04/2006)
lucknow hub student projects
(fall 2005)
2. Expansions into Bangalore, Tamil Nadu, and Pune...
begin expansion work in other towns
(summer 2006)
teacher (mediator) training
(september 2006, lucknow)
a newer presentation
(september 14 2006, bangalore)
science program at shoolagiri
(july 2006, tamil nadu)
english program at CLT
(summer 2006, bangalore)
starting the pune hub
(august 2006, pune)
DSH at the BETI girl child-empowerment school
(october - november, 2006, UP)
   DSH workshop at the UP teacher training center
(november, 2006, lucknow)
DSH at the BETI school in Mauthri
(2006-2007, UP)
   filming biology and math classes
(2006, Lucknow)
   hub and spoke workshops
(May-July, 2007)
3. Digital Green and Digital Polyclinic
Digital Green recording and screening
(March, 2007, Karnataka)
   more Digital Green recording and screening
(March, 2007, Karnataka)
   the beginning of Digital Polyclinic
(November, 2007, Lucknow)
Digital Polyclinic mediator training
(January, 2008, Lucknow)
   DPC screening in Khanwaha
(February, 2008, Khanwaha)
   second DPC village
(March, 2008, Kariyany)
4. Calcutta, Dhaka, and ...
a newer presentation
(February, 2008)
   in Calcutta
(February, 2008)
   in Dhaka
(February, 2008)
5. More ...
the Kannar afternoon and SEWA schools
(August, 2008)
   DSH wins top education prize at Tech Awards 08
(November, 2008)
experimenting with solar-powered pico projector (1)
(February, 2009)
   experimenting with solar-powered pico projector (2)
(April, 2009)
Digital Polyclinic
(Nov, 2007 - Aug, 2009)
   Lokarpit Voice Doctors' Voice Forum
(Feb, 2010 - May, 2010)
   Doctors' and Teachers' Voice Forums
(Aug, 2009 - May, 2010)
More to come...

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